Construction Company “Inshaat Georgia” was founded in 2013 and up to present is executing works related to construction, rehabilitation and reconstruction in accordance to health & safety environment that is guaranteed by employees with experience in related fields collected by hard and safe work in projects (onshore & off shore) in charge of biggest international companies.

From day to start - up to present have been completed more than 18 construction projects all over the Georgia. Over 70 qualified and certified employees are managing day to day company operations.

With respect to company work experience, the development strategy is concentrated on construction & rehabilitation projects related to sports infrastructure; public parks, roads infrastructure; dams & river dikes; pipelines (oil, gas, water and sewage); solid & chemical waste utilization & conservation; power transmittion lines. 

Company is permanently following the technological and innovation progress to use modern and only certified materials & equipment.



Our success is merit of our teem. Team members with worldwide work experience do their best to deliver best environment for our customers. Our goal is our professionalism. We offer high quality services. Every customer is prior for us.



“Inshaat Georgia’ has been formed as a company that cares for humans and environmental success.

Our target is to reach the best result together with reliable partners.